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 January 7-11 2019
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Over 25 experts including Dr. Andrew Newberg, Dr. Curt Thompson,  Derek Doepker and Byron Morrision 
Who is your host? 

Helen Maffini is the host of the 2019 Self Sabotage Summit, she is a doctoral researcher, author and educator. Helen has worked in the field of social emotional learning, positivepsychology, NLP and mindfulness for over 20 years

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Join your host Helen Maffini, researcher, positive psychology and mindfulness mentor as she interviews
*organizer reserves the right to change any speakers at any time
Frequently Asked Questions
Join us each day!
  • DAY 1 - Why We Self-Sabotage  
  •  DAY 2 - Creating Positive Habits
  •  DAY 3 - How to Rewire Your Brain / Subconscious Mind    
  •  DAY 4 - Imposter Syndrome, Procratination and Self Doubt  
  •  DAY 5 - Overcoming Fear and Anxiety
What if I miss a section?
Don´t worry you can purchase the FULL ACCESS PASS that allows you to watch any of the videos at your leisure with one year access. 
Will I be able to speak during the sessions?
No, the sessions are prerecorded, however, we encourage you to send all questions to and to interact in our Facebook Group
Is it really free?
Yes absolutely it is free of charge while it is live Jan 7th to 11th 2019. If you wish to watch it afterwards please purchase the FULL ACCESS PASS
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